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Dementia and your relationship


When someone you love is diagnosed with dementia, it may take you both a while to adjust.

In the UK, there are 850,000 people living with dementia and about 700,000 friends, or family members, caring for them. So you are not alone.

Even though your loved one is still there, many aspects of their personality may change. This can be hard to accept and it is common to find yourself with feelings of grief, or loss, and it can also be quite challenging. However, dealing with the practical side of things, for example taking steps to keep your relationship healthy and organising help with care, may help you to deal with your change in circumstances.

Adjust to relationship changes

If you are caring for your loved one, your changing roles can affect your relationship too. Take positive steps to keep your relationship healthy. Do simple activities as a couple, such as creating photo albums of your memories together, joining a local group or taking a day trip

It is a good idea to try to spend some time apart too. Find out if there are some local clubs for your partner in order that they can get out now and again. Enjoying activities apart can boost your self-esteem and will give you both something to talk about

Get the support you both need

It is important that you get practical and emotional support. There are organisations that can help you arrange caring assessments, will check that you are getting the right benefits and even organise some respite care. Some of these organisations can be found in our "Useful Contacts" section of our website.

If you are worried, or upset, about something, try talking to a friend or family member, who might understand. Sometimes, just having a chat can make you feel more positive. You could also go to your GP, social worker, or community nurse. They can explain why dementia might be causing changes, or give you advice on other aspects of the condition you might be concerned about.

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The Bank Workers Charity (BWC) helps current and former bank employees and their families across the UK and may help you to access practical and emotional support. Call BWC's free and confidential helpline on 0800 0234 834 to speak to one of their skilled Client Advisors

You can also visit their website to find out more

Information added 11/08/17