Useful Contacts

Queries about your Barclays pension, pensioner benefits and estate planning

Barclays Bank UK Retirement Fund Pensions Administration

Pensioners can manage their Barclays UKRF pension at:

You can contact the Barclays Team at WTW by post (for address, see below),


or telephone 01737 227567 with queries about your pension, or to report any changes to your bank details. If you wish to change your address and are unable to do this via the website, you must send notification in writing, confirming your old and new addresses and providing your date of birth, national insurance number and payroll/employee ID number for identification purposes, signed and dated to:

Barclays Bank UK Retirement Fund
P O Box 709

The helpline number operates 9.00am to 5.00pm (UK time), Monday to Friday, with an out-of-hours message service. You can also use this number if you want to opt out of receiving CONNECTION magazine . When contacting the helpline, you will need to provide your date of birth, NI number and payroll employee ID number for identification purposes.

BARCLAYS HR SERVICES - For employer reference queries, or about HR issues:

1234 Pavilion Drive,

ZEDRA UK TRUSTS - who now provide UK Trust and fiduciary services that were previously provided by Barclays Trust Company Limited

These are: Willsafe storage, executorship, estate administration, probate, power of attorney and trustee services.

The contact details for existing or new customers are:

Probate enquiries: Telephone: 01606 313000, option 1

Willsafe enquiries: Telephone: 01606 313000, option 2

Trust / Power of Attorney or any other enquiries) Telephone: 01606 313000, Option 3

Alternatively e-mail