Fancy joining us? Go on, you know you want to!

New members are very welcome and all enquiries should be directed to our Membership Secretary David Warburton.
Membership is open to the following:-
  • Retired Barclays/Woolwich colleagues who are in receipt of an immediate pension;

  • Any former member of Barclays/Woolwich staff, aged 50 or over who completed 15 years employment and has a Deferred Pension with the Barclays Group;

  • Widows and widowers of a former member of Barclays/Woolwich staff who met one of the above two categories.

Honorary Members – may be invited to join at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Although the above criteria forms the guiding principle for all clubs, any ex-employee, regardless of length of service, may apply to join our Club as a Guest and will be welcomed with open arms!


It is important that both current and prospective members understand how GDPR impacts the general operation of the Mid Sussex Spread Eagles Club, with regards to the holding and maintenance of any personal information held about its members.

We have, therefore, issued notices regarding this. There are two separate notices – a generalised one regarding the retention of information and a second regarding the operation of the Club’s website.

These notices give details of how we maintain the information supplied to the Club by its members and how we intend to control this in the future.

Links to these notices can be found here:

Data Privacy Notice

Website Privacy Notice

We encourage all members to read these notices, in order that they understand how these regulations affect both the Club and its members.

If you have any queries concerning the above, please use the Contact Us page and one of our Committee members will respond to you as soon as possible.